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What Does ASEM Do For Emergency Medicine?

Well, lots more than you probably are aware of AND,much more that you probably take for granted!

ASEM is the:

  • Founding organisation for Emergency Medicine in Australia and New Zealand

  • Co - owner of the only medline cited national EM publication - Emergency Medicine Australasia

  • Prize giver for the best papers presented at Emergency Medicine seminars

  • Fund donor to various Emergency Medicine conferences including the Spring Seminar in Emergency Medicine and Eye and ENT emergencies seminar

  • Facilitator of initiatives such as the Emergency Life Support course and the Winter Symposium on Emergency Medicine

  • Publisher of the Directory of Emergency Departments of Australia and New Zealand (now in it's 3rd edition) and ASEM Newsletters

  • Lobbyist to Government that helped acquire provider number eligibility for Emergency Medicine trainees working in private hospital Emergency Departments

  • Website provider with links to Emergency Medicine contacts, education providers and Emergency Medicine organisations.

For information on the History of ASEM please click here.

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PO Box 5315
Alexandra Hills

Tel/Fax: (07) 3134 2272
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Office Hours: Mon - Thurs 9am - 5pm

ABN: 64 231 328 255

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PO Box 5315, Alexandra Hills QLD 4161
Tel/Fax: (07) 3134 2272 Email: $Q$ Office Hours: Tues - Thurs 9am - 5pm Fri 9am - 3pm
ABN: 64 231 328 255
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